Mental-health Coverage To Get A Big Boost Under Obamacare

Navy Yard shooting raises mental health care concerns

I think about the folks who were working at the Navy Yard or other workplaces who have to deal with the aftermath of such tragedies. And while such incidents are rare, it is likely that you are working with people who are struggling with mental illnesses and need help to handle their condition. They arent likely to go on a shooting spree, but they may drink too much, take illicit drugs or fall into a depression they cant shake. Although many large and small group insurance plans include services for some mental-health and substance-use illnesses, there are gaps in coverage. About one-third of those who are now covered in the individual market have no coverage for substance-use disorders and nearly 20 percent have no coverage for mental-health cases, including outpatient therapy visits and inpatient crisis intervention and stabilization, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. But starting next year, this will change for many workers. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans offered in the new marketplaces will have to cover a core set of services called essential health benefits. Included on the list of 10 benefits are mental-health and substance-use disorder services, which include behavioral health treatment, counseling and psychotherapy.
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JOSEPH ARE WORKING ON BUILDING A 180 UNIT HOUSING COMPLEX FOR HOMELESS AND AT-RISK VETERANS. ONE OF THE ORGANIZERS SAY VETERANS CAN HAVE MENTAL ISSUES—EVEN POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME- EVEN IF THEY DON’T SEE COMBAT: SOMETIMES INDIVIDUALS HAVE TRAUMATIC EPISODES THAT CAUSE PTSD, EVEN THOUGH THEY DID NOT SEE TIME IN COMBAT. THAT CAN CAUSE ADULT MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. The Navy Yard shooting rampage is raising questions about mental health treatment, especially when it comes to the nation’s veterans. Related Center aims to help military veterans… A number of centers in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, including the one in Kansas City, have been holding mental health summits over the summer to explore ways to address those concerns.
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