Four Digital Trends Redefining Fitness In 2014

Fitness is over your shoulder

Whether youre a Fran fanatic or the ultimate WOD hater, its increasingly tough to deny CrossFits maturation from p90X3 results fringe fad to mainstream fitness juggernaut . (Many would happily call it the worlds most workout-conscious cult.) A key component of that growth has been the CrossFit Open , the worldwide qualifying round leading up to Julys Reebok CrossFit Games . Last year saw over 140,000 competitors post their scores and workout videos to an online leaderboard, and this years Open which starts February 27th is on pace to easily eclipse that mark. Expect more sports to follow suit this year by giving fans a chance to test themselves against the best (albeit on a much smaller scale). Exercisers Fight Back on Body Image.
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Crossfit to Fight

Research shows, she says, that a lap of backward running is equal to four to six laps of forward running.” Treading with caution That’s a good enough reason, say the city’s reverse runners, to run in the face of ridiculous stares from passers by. “As if my fluorescent shoes weren’t attracting enough attention, I am now running backwards,” laughs Talreja, admitting, “Looking back and running took some getting used to.” The trick is to focus on the action, go slow, and keep moving backwards. Backward running is a less natural motion, but can be accomplished with some speed with practise. It is better to start with backward walking (also called retropedaling), and gradually speed up.
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From fashion to fitness: the experts behind Apple’s wearable future


His experience in medical hardware engineering as well as in medical device-connected software is likely key to the development of both iWatch hardware and Healthbook software. Michael OReilly (Scientist): Dr. OReilly, before joining Apple last summer , served asExecutive Vice President for Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for nearly five years at a company called Masimo. OReilly has been involved in the FDA meetings regarding future health related technologies at Apple.
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